Thanks Mr Weather Man!

Just when you think sleep can’t get any worse Mr Weather Man pulls a heatwave out of his bag!

​My girl has Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder.
This can manifest in several ways.
Today it showed itself by illustrating my girls difficulty with temperature regulation.
Children, and adults, with Autism often have problems with temperature regulation which can cause some extreme reactions.

My girl loves the cold.
In the winter she will walk around our cold house in just her underwear (if we are lucky and she will wear some!)
She will play outside in freezing conditions in just a t shirt and never complains she is cold.
She rarely wears a coat or even long sleeves!

My girl hates the heat.
She hates to be hot.
But, when it is hot weather like today, she will put on a jumper!
I guess she sees the sleeves as some kind of heat block?
She cannot even tolerate a bath, even tepid water causes her to overheat causing dizzy spells and light headedness…..
….but she dresses for winter in the summer!
I find it very confusing!

What I find hard to understand is that someone can feel temperature different to me.
It makes sense to me to put clothes on when I am cold, take them off when I am hot…..
….but imagine your senses being so confused that you put a jumper on in the boiling sunshine.

I am not a lover of the heat either.
I much prefer it to be cold so I can wear warm clothes and snuggle under a blanket.
My girl can’t sleep, I can’t sleep.
Everyone is irritable and grumpy….
….and absolutely exhausted.
Exhausted from lack of sleep, exhausted from meltdowns and exhausted from the heat.

We have had constant meltdowns from the moment my girl got up this morning.
Instantly after school it picked up where it left off.
My girl has lost control.
There are various explanations for them but the biggest is the heat.
It’s too hot!

It is just another thing we need to see through my girls eyes.
Another thing to try and understand to reduce meltdowns.

Another thing that makes my girl unique.

Tips for cooler bedtimes much appreciated!


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