Is this a thing?
Is this why we have to fight for absolutely everything?
Because she doesn’t have severe Autism, because she masks in school, because she conforms to school rules, because she is performing at average levels with her peers, this makes her ok?
Is middleness nothing? Does her Autism mean nothing?
Is it not there because it is mid spectrum?

There is a distinct lack of provision for children like my girl.
For children who can access the curriculum, who can achieve average levels, but who cannot cope in mainstream school.
For those who “do not require” specialist education, but find mainstream almost impossible.
For those whose anxieties are so high that it prevents them from attending school.
For those who are unable to interpret their own feelings and body cues.
For those unable to communicate any problems…
….for those who ‘appear’ to cope well and fit in.

For these children get lost.

I feel like they are set up to fail.
Lost within budgets, cost cutting, placements are the children who really need help but don’t get it.
They don’t display the classic traits, they are able to mask their meltdowns until hometime, or unable to ascertain how they feel so they appear to be coping.
They look like they are coping. Their school work gives the impression that they are coping; but they are not.

A child struggling, hiding, lost.
A system that allows it to be.

A child able to learn but fear and anxiety preventing it.
A child able to attend school but fear and anxiety holding her prisoner.
A child with Autism.
Mid spectrum.


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