The tornado of negative feelings that has carried me through this week has finally let me go.
Reality got me out of there.
Remembering that it is not all bad, seeing that it is not all bad.

My girl, the positivity I needed to exit the constant spin of feeling a failure.

As the whirlwind dropped me on the ground and left, a gentle breeze of relief blew over me.
My girl was ready for school, wanting to go in before the bell!
Awash with the warmth of happiness and pride, we left home at 9am.
A mini tornado tried to take my girl but she battened down her hatches and stood her ground.

No written work this morning, a huge motivation and the reason for going in early.
The anxiety of being surrounded by busy parents and children being the reason her anxiety crept back in.
No english and Ready, Steady, Cook games banishing anxiety to its lowest level.
My girl conquering her feelings and standing her ground.

My girl won her battles this morning, and helped me see through mine.
I’m tired but I will fight.
For my girl who never gives up, for my girl who sees the positivity in everything.
I will fight for her.


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