Just imagine.

Imagine being so caught up on your own thoughts that decision making becomes impossible.
Imagine wanting to do something so badly but part of you won’t allow it.
Imagine getting so cross with yourself because you think you can do it, you want to do it, but you can’t.
You are trapped. Physically and mentally.
You lose control.
You kick, you bite, you run away, you hide.
Feelings swirling around you like a swarm of bees.
Buzzing in your ears, clouding your vision.
Louder and louder, more and more they come.
Lost…..losing control.


Dropping to your knees.
Exhausted. Confused. Angry.
Left alone with nothing but feelings that you don’t understand.
Creeping through your body like a parasite.
Feeding off your insecurities.
Overwhelming? Painful? Confusing?

Imagine feeling things you don’t understand.
Being invaded.
Feelings producing anxiety….
….anxiety producing feelings.
An invasion of emotions.
A whole spectrum of emotion.
A language you don’t understand.
Panic; fight or flight.
It is all too much.

School mornings.
This is our school morning.
Every morning.


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