My girl masks her Autism at school.
This means she is able to hide the fact she has Autism, usually by imitating her peers.
She makes herself fit in.
She masks to become ‘normal’

Masking is a common trait amongst girls with Autism, perhaps explaining the gender gap in the ratio of male:female diagnosis.
The statistics don’t particularly reflect the number of girls on the spectrum.
It is thought that they are many who are missing out on the support they require, and the diagnosis they equally need.
All because of masking….
….a good thing some would argue.

We were lucky that my girl was flagged up and put on the ASD pathway by age 3, and diagnosed by 5.
Had we not have received the diagnosis then, I wonder if we would be fighting for one now.
Not because I don’t think she has Autism, but because she masks in school.
School have a large role to play in the diagnostic process and I wonder if they see what I see.
In fact I know they don’t.

Today they saw a tiny glimpse into our daily life outside of school.
My girl had a meltdown in the reception area as we were leaving.
I am not ashamed to say that I am glad they got to see.
Part of me was actually feeling relieved that they could have a look into how things can be.

Obviously these feelings came and went within seconds.
It is never a good thing to see a child reach crisis point.
I knew it was coming, but normally it would wait until we had reached the car at least.
The reason?
My boy was being sent home early from school ill.
I thought it would be easier to collect my girl at the same time so my boy could rest instead of coming back out. Change 1.
We had planned to go to KFC as a treat for tea.
Now we had to cancel it. Change 2.
Big changes for my girl, unexpected and unwelcome!

A day of meltdowns.
They started as soon as my girl woke up this morning.
I don’t know what this mornings was about, and I am unlikely to find out.
She got into school by 10.30, kept her self composed all day, and erupted again at 2pm when I turn up unnanounced.

A new day tomorrow.
Calmer I hope.
Get well soon my boy x


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