There is something so magical about my girls drawings.
They are the one thing to always put a smile on my face.
I love them, not only because they are amazing, but also because they are an indicator of her being calm, in her happy place.

Drawing is her calming tool.
She takes herself off to the playroom, shuts the doors, and draws for hours.
Never willing to share her creations, she hides them away.
Not wanting praise? They are top secret.
Usually a mass of Pokémon related pictures, I find pictures of Pokémon I have never heard of!

Away from school, my girl has been calmer today.
Reduced anxiety, less demands; a home day.
The stress of the week slowly ebbing away.
Meltdowns fewer and less intense.
She has had access to tge room to take herself off to and self calm by drawing.

A show of empathy, a show of emotion, my girl asked me what my favourite animal is.
I think you will see why the drawing made me smile.
Not only was it not hidden away, she gave it to me and when I said I was going to stick it up in my bedroom she excitedly bounced and flapped with a smile on her face.
It was no surprise to find that she had drawn a Pokéball on the back though!


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