Full moon.

Full moon I see you in the sky,
Staring down at us like a spy,
Making sure my child’s awake,
All night long, until daybreak,
Behaviour waning all week long,
Waiting for you to come along,
Increasing energy to the max,
No time to sit down and relax,
Easy to anger, easy to cry,
Increased stimming, scrunched up eyes,
No need to check the full moon date,
I know as I sit here and wait,
For my child to go to sleep,
That above us you slowly creep,
Knowing I will be sat here all night,
You are high up there shining your light,
Watching the minutes and hours tick by,
Waiting for the sun to rise in the sky.
Autism parents await you with fear,
Knowing behaviour’s worse when you’re here.


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