You can say no.

Have the confidence to say No.
I have learnt this over the years…..
…..not that you are ever allowed to say no.
If you say No you become an obstinate parent, even if you know it won’t work for your child.

Professionals are intimidating.
The people ‘in charge’ of your child and their care, want you to agree to do and/or try everything you say.
If you don’t, it looks bad.
Bad? Yes, bad, because it looks like you are not willing to try.

You are the one who knows your child best.
You are the one who has spent more time with them than anyone else.
…after a half hour appointment you are told what to do by a professional who neither knows your child, or has their own child with additional needs.
AND you can’t say no. You must try what they say so you don’t get a bad name for yourself.

Why have I had to become a ‘yes’ mum?
Yes I will do that, yes I will try that, yes I will do that parenting course, yes I will attend that appointment, yes I will do what they tell me too.
In the midst of all these yeses are the child that I know cannot do what I am saying yes for!
I am agreeing because I feel like I have to, not because they are of any benefit to my child.

I feel like I am bound by rules and the expectation that I will agree to everything that the professionals suggest.
They expect me to say yes, and if I don’t I get judged.
Do you know what though?
You can say no! You can!

If you think the suggestion or intervention offered is going to harm your child in some way, say no.
If you feel railroaded into making a decision that doesn’t feel right, say no.
If you know deep down that a technique just will not work, say no.
You are in charge of your child, you know what is best.


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