The countdown.

6 1/2 more school days and then 42 days off!
I have been counting down the days until the Summer holidays, but now I find myself in a panic!
What are we going to do?

The positives. That’s what I am thinking about!
No school means no school runs, no late arrivals, reduced stress and anxiety, fewer meltdowns and a more happy girl.
All things I absolutely cannot wait for.
But then we have 42 days to fill. 1008 hours!

Going out everyday is just not going to happen.
Many of the days will be spent on laptops, game consoles, tablets, crafting, baking or in the garden.
Will I feel guilty? No, not this year.
It is the childrens holiday after a busy year at school, they need to rest, they need their own time.

Each year I drown in guilt as I see social media posts of all the fantastic days out people have had.
Each year the guilt gets the better of me, we go out, and then I am reminded why we can’t always do it.
That is the truth.
I just can’t always manage.

Our Autism Dad, like many other Dads, cannot take 6 weeks off work.
So that leaves little old me to manage our children.
Like many Mums I hear you say, yes, but my girl has complex additional needs and challenging behaviour.
I am able to manage her behaviour at home where we are safe and I know she cannot escape, but being outdoors or somewhere unfamiliar, leaves us all very vulnerable.
It is hard work.

1008 hours, doesn’t that seem alot?
It does include night times too, but we will still see alot of these hours if my girl continues her day starts at 2am routine!
As daunting as it sounds, I cannot wait.
I cannot wait to have my girl back.


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