The summer holidays are coming.

You spend all of your days, all of your nights,
Making sure the children are alright,
Cleaning their faces, picking up clothes,
Playing their games, tickling their toes,
Cooking them meals, brushing their hair,
Showing them which outfit to wear,
Washing the dishes, making them drink,
Filling the freezer, rinsing the sink,
Breaking up fights, giving out hugs,
Mopping the floor, hoovering the rugs,
Doing the ironing, pairing the socks,
Making a boat from an old cardboard box,
Reading them stories, giving them baths,
Telling them jokes, making them laugh,
Doing their therapy, giving their meds,
Tightening the wheelchair, rubbing their legs,
Calming a meltdown, wiping their tears,
Cuddling siblings, calming their fears,
Attending appointments, making them fun,
Doing the toilet run, wiping their bum,
Kissing goodnight, putting them to bed,
Waiting until they sleep, stroking their head,
There’s one thing you missed, one thing you didn’t do,
Perhaps the most important…look after you.
Make time for reading, learn how to knit,
Just take 5 minutes to quietly sit,
Make a quick cuppa, eat that slice of cake,
Even the strongest people need to take a break.


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