The stress.

The stress.
Pulling me, pushing me.
Giving in, giving up?
Screwed up face, jaw clenched tight.
Waiting. Always waiting.
For the storm to come, for the storm to pass.
Exhaustion carrying my tired body.
Mental exhaustion. Mind fatigue.
Tears fall inwardly, they can’t see.
Stoic face. Holding it all together.
Whilst crumbling, inside I’m crumbling.
Muscles tensed to hold emotions in.
Breathing. Deep breathing.
Needing sleep. Needing to shut away the world.
Creeping. Consuming.
Stomach churning, burning, holding my anxieties and fear.
Heavy head on a sore neck.
Tired. So tired.
Words, shouts, echoing around my head.
My voice lost.
I hear me.
Hiding. Falling.
Staring. Not seeing.
Watching as stress eats at me bit by bit.
This is how it feels.


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