Thank you.

Thank you.
A big thank you to all the teaching staff.
We are all grateful for the work they do.
Should we buy gifts to thank the teaching staff for doing their job?

It is becoming increasingly popular for parents to buy gifts for the teaching staff when their child moves on.
It is another playground Mums competition on who can get the best gifts, who can bake the best cakes etc.
I didn’t use to do it. I didn’t use to buy gifts, but now I do.
I do it because I want to thank the staff and the words ‘thank you’ never seem enough.

Thank you.
Two words that we use so often that the true meaning is lost.
We use them out of politeness rather than gratitude.
We use them as we are taught to, not always because we mean them.

Teaching staff have got me through this year, and for that reason I want to thank them.
Thank you…..but the words do not seem enough.

I am thanking them for teaching my child, even though that is their job.
That is not all I am thanking them for, they do so much more.

I am thanking them for being my childs friend.
For giving high fives when they don’t like praise.
For putting a plaster on a cut and muttering a soothing word when we can’t be there to comfort them.
For helping them change for PE and tying their shoes.
For making my child laugh with a joke when they look down or the work gets too hard.
For playing games with them in the playground when they don’t have a friend.
For holding their hand when they need someone there.
For that smile when they see tears in their eyes…
… For being their parent when we aren’t there.

Thank you for being there me when I’ve had a concern.
For being my sounding block when we have had a bad morning.
Thank you for listening when I have tried to explain behaviours
Thank you for accepting my child for who she is.

It hasn’t been an easy year.
School has had its up and downs.
Autism is a learning curve we are all travelling on.
I’ve cried, my child has cried. There’s been anger and frustration, but we got through it.
The teachers and TA have pulled us through the hard times and supported us when we have needed their help.

Thank you just isn’t enough.
Enjoy your summer.


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