Blood donation.

It is important to involve our children in as much as we can as we go about our lives.
We are their role models.
We want them to grow up to be good people.
We want them to become as independant as possible.
It is not always easy to take your child out when you are constantly judged on their behaviour.
It is not always easy with the unpredictability of Autism.
Sometimes it is just easier to stay home.

Today I had an appointment to go and give blood.
Booked for months I had completely overlooked the school holidays.
I didn’t want to cancel, but I had no childcare for my girl.
Could she come? Should I take her?
I was worried about how she would cope.
If it would make her anxious, if she could sit quiet for long enough!

I talked about the procedure with my girl, I explained each stage and showed her photos of what would happen, how they take about a pint of blood in a bag, and she wanted to come!
Phew, that was one hurdle over.
The biggest problems were the ones I had made for myself!
I caved into ‘what would people think?’.
The what ifs…meltdowns, stimming, shouting.
What if it made people feel uncomfortable?

Then I thought about the lesson I was teaching my girl.
How she could see the gift of blood we were all giving.
How we could potentially be saving someone elses life.
How, even though we may have differences in race, culture, religion etc, we can all come together and give something we all need.
How we are all made of the same things and that by sharing we can help other people.
I am teaching her the amazing things we, as humans, can do and how utterly fantastic our bodies are.

I wanted her to see that there was nothing to be scared of.
My girl is terribly needle phobic herself, but she has never been phased by seeing blood tests on other people….in fact, she finds the whole thing fascinating.
I definately would not have taken her with me if she was scared!

My girl really enjoyed it and got in close, fascinated with the whole procedure.
She found it hilarious tickling my feet whilst the nurse was trying to put the needle in!
She sat still, and quiet throughout, watching the blood bag swing from side to side.

I hope that one day she may feel brave enough to give blood herself, but she did amazing today.
We did something amazing today.

Oh and….
…it turns out her favourite part was the biscuits and crisps at the end!


One thought on “Blood donation.

  1. I just started giving blood a few months ago and I’m so glad I did. It’s highly rewarding to be able to help people in such a significant manner and to be able to do it so easily. I have an app that tells me when my blood’s been donated and what hospital it went to. My own mother is needle phobic so she’s never donated blood but if she had, I’m sure I would have started donating my own blood sooner. Good for you for setting such a good example for your daughter.


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