The truth behind social media.

So far the summer holidays are going great….
…well that is what we write on social media isn’t it?
Why do we do that?
Why don’t we just be honest and say, actually, Autism is bloomin’ hard work and we are exhausted already!

We don’t ever do that because people don’t like to see negativity……or the truth.
People want to portray their lives as perfect.
That happy, smiling, coping with everything, family.
Whilst there are genuine families who are actually like that, I find social media hides so much going on behind closed doors.

We don’t want to be seen as struggling, as not coping, or as having a bad day.
We post our updates highlighting perhaps the only easy 5 minutes of our day, whilst the other  23 hrs 55minutes have been difficult.
The “we had an amazing water fight in the garden with the kids today”,
should actually read “we took the children outside to play with water to reduce behaviours and meltdowns, only to make things worse and cause even more meltdowns.”
But we don’t do that….
…because we don’t want people to know that.

We live in a World where every single one of us judges, and is judged.
I am guilty of it, we all are.
No one wants to be viewed negatively.
No one wants to be seen to be a bad person.

I joined social media to have fun, keep in touch with family and catch up with old friends.
It has moved on so much since then.
It is no longer a happy place sharing pictures of cute animals, of our children and cheesy family photos.
It is now just one big competition.
A huge game of one upmanship.
Attention seeking…..
…..yes I am guilty of this one!

Attention seeking.
Not the “ugh” status with the “what’s up hun?” “Pm me babe” replies, but through this blog.
This page is me attention seeking.
I want, *need*, people to read about Autism.
To read how it affects our whole lifes.
How it affects my girl, her sibling, us as parents and the family as a whole.
I attention seek through writing the truth.
Not for sympathy but for promoting awareness.
For posting the truth behind the happy statuses.
The reality.

I don’t worry about being judged.
I don’t worry what people may think.
I have a child with complex additional needs and I am not afraid to tell you that it is not easy!
I am not afraid to say I sometimes struggle.
It is ok to struggle. We learn from this.

I am attention seeking for the right reasons.
I am increasing Autism Awareness and promoting Autism Acceptance…
….and I am happy with that.


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