The artist.

Our favourite night of the month arrived!
The night of ‘The Group’
We love The Group, and cannot sing their praises enough.
It is a get together session for children with disabilities and their siblings, run by volunteers and funded by donations.
Every month there is a different activity and we also meet up out of sessions on planned outings.
The people who run it are lovely, and parents of children with disabilities too.
It is comfy, cosy and secure.
We just love it.

Tonight was face painting.
Not just any old face painting, it was a chance for the children to paint their carers!

I had many different faces painted!
Without my girl even realising, she managed to capture all the emotions I have felt in the Summer Holidays so far!

1. The angry eyebrows, the frustration lines,the anxiety, the worry.
The beginning.
The how the heck are we going to cope lines!

2. The all seeing eye on my forehead.
I need eyes everywhere to ensure my girls safety, and to pre empt any distractions, behaviours or meltdowns!

3. The camouflage make up.
A few days in and I feel like I need to hide.
So many demands and need for routine.
I feel like I cannot meet all of her needs.

4. The ‘poo’ and ‘smelly’ face.
…because I don’t get to do anything alone, even that!

5. The blue glitter face.
The face of lonliness and isolation.
Being kept prisoner in a house of locks, but he place my girl feels safe.

6. The zombie.
The exhaustion, sleep deprivation, the being on call 24 hours a day.
I feel like a zombie.

7. The post meltdown face.
The ‘I got through this’ face.
The ‘I was the target for all the pent up aggression’ face.

8. The Pokéball face.
Let’s face it, if I was a Pokémon I would get more interaction from my girl!
She eats, breathes, watches, plays, talks everything Pokémon.

9. My make up.
Yep, because I do not have the time to sit and apply it for 6 whole weeks!!

Ironic how she has deciphered all this and translated it through art…
….or perhaps she just loves covering me in paint!
Either way I love her creativity and seeing her so happy!
Loved tonight.


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