Would magic help? 

If I took half of a whisker from a wise old cat,
If I took a strand of string from an old man’s hat,
If I took a tear from a baby crying with laughter,
If I took the giggles from the sound of toddler chatter,
If I added it to the showers that come from rainbows,
And mixed it with petals from the prettiest rose,
If I sprinkled in stars from a clear night sky……..
Why am I doing this? I’ll tell you why..

What if I said, Autism has a cure?
Would you want the recipe? Form a queue at my door?
Would you take away what makes your child unique?
Or would you just want to help your child to speak?
Would you like to help them make friends at school?
Or let them go on their own to the pool?
Would you want it to change your child completely?
Shall I wrap it in a bow, or sell it discreetly?

Whatever your answer, I will not judge,
Because no one knows what it is like but us,
We all want things different, but we all need to see,
That every child is special, wouldn’t you agree?

There are no potions or pills that can make Autism better,
No respite when us carers feel under the weather,
We all love our children, we love who they are,
And we want them to be happy, help them go far.

If a drink of a spell could take Autism away,
and I was offered that spell, I wouldn’t know what to say.
Autism is here with it’s good and it’s bad,
And sometimes, yes, I do feel sad,
But I don’t think I would change it, I know, and I’ve seen.
That there are many out there who have it tougher than me.


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