Tired. Tried.

I don’t think it is a coincidence that those two words look and sound very similar.
Today has been both.

My girl has been trying today….
…mostly our patience.

We are all tired.
Holidays do that to us all.
Tired because we can relax a little, or tired because we are out and about doing things.
Also having to stay up all night doesn’t help.
Mr Sandman didn’t come visit my girl at all last night.

Dealing with challenging behaviour is hard work but becomes increasingly difficult when you are tired and your patience wears thin.

The trying to control.
All of us trying.
Anxiety driving my girl…..trying to control my girl.
It is consuming. Tiring.

Trying to not be tired to keep on top of things is tiring.
It is tiring trying to function.
Trying…tiring…they become best of friends.

Functioning, managing, controlling, coping.
I am trying to do all of these things whilst being exhausted.
I am tired. Way past trying to be tired!

I tried.
I’m tired.


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