Don’t be afraid to be you.

My favourite part of Autism is that my girl does not try to be like everyone else.
She doesn’t like boy bands just because her friends do.
She doesn’t take pouting selfies, like her friends do.
She doesn’t pretend to be something she is not.
She is comfortable in her own skin.

I don’t think that her identity is down to the Autism rather than her personality, but I do believe her personality is governed by the Autism.
Autism gives my girl her care free attitude.
Her tactless comments, her brut honesty.
She’s not rude, it has just become unacceptable in society to say how you really feel.
It is refreshing to hear her tell how it is, because in reality that is what we’d all like to do.

The down side of this is bullying.
An all too common problem amongst children and adults with Autism.
Because they have different views……mainly their own.
….because they are different.
People with Autism don’t read social situations welll.
They don’t see the hierachy in a group of friends, they don’t conform to the rules of conversation; instead they talk about the one thing that they enjoy.
They don’t care if they are 15 years old and naming all of Thomas the Tanks’ engines. They don’t care if they are 9 and carrying around a soft toy.
She doesn’t care that all she talks about is Pokemon!
She doesn’t care that she still insists on using the lunchbag she chose when she was 5!
They don’t think they are ‘babyish’, they just want to like what they like.
Shouldn’t we all be like this?

We live in a world where the empathsis is on being thin.
We live in a world where we wear make up to hide the blemishes that make us unique.
We live in a world where fashion dictates what we wear.
We cannot appreciate the true beauty of a person when they are hidden by the unspoken rules of society.

My girl is 9.
She doesn’t care that she has hundreds of soft toys, at least 10 of which go everywhere with her.
She doesn’t care that all her friends like boy bands and making music videos on instagram.
She wears clothes that she is comfortable in, not what her friends are wearing.
She likes what she likes.
She doesn’t conform to the normal ‘ideal’.
She doesn’t see the social ‘ideal’.

She is blissfully strolling up the yellow path, while the rest of the world run, push and shove up the green one.

She is being herself.
Being Autistic.
….being comfortably autistic.


One thought on “Don’t be afraid to be you.

  1. Its good that at a young age she is like that. There’s so much emphasis on forcing kids to grow up too quickly anymore and mainstream is too messed up to understand normal ideals and their ideals are 2 different things and their standards are unrealistic. Hopefully it doesn’t affect her when she gets to her teen years and she continues to be herself in all forms

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