One of the hardest things about being a parent is seeing your child ill.
What if seeing it was as much information as you got because your child couldn’t communicate it to you?
Harder, because you don’t know how to help.

“Oh, aren’t they brave?” “They didn’t make a fuss”, “They never mentioned they felt ill”, all common things we here.
Are they braver than neurotypical children?
Unlikely, it is just that our children are unable to tell us or complain.

It is well documented that children with Autism have a higher pain threshold.
Especially so in children with sensory processing difficulties, who may not experience pain in quite the same way as we do.
It varies from hypersensitive children who scream out from physical pain from the lightest touch, to the complete opposite end of the spectrum.

Behaviour is often key to spotting illness as it becomes an effective way of communicating.
Things such as head banging can indicate headaches, or biting a carer could indicate pain.

My girl is unwell today.
She has an awful cold on top of awfully sore joints from a busy week at school.
She has complained all day…..
…..this being a child who frequently dislocates joints, doesn’t tell us and then can have them relocated at home with no pain relief. (She also has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome type 3).
It shocked me and I was really confused as to why this may be.
I thought perhaps it may just be sensory as obviously her ears and nose are blocked.

Then it dawned on me.
Maybe she doesn’t complain about her joints because the pain has become normal for her, and this cold is something she hasn’t had in a long time.

I must admit, it broke my heart a little.


3 thoughts on “Illness.

  1. I have to say this scares me just a little. My daughter is 4 years old, has sensory processing disorder, is visually impaired and she is also on the autism spectrum, she just earlier today had a “melt down” and we always just assume she’s tired, try to hold and rock her and sing or play music to her, and it took hours to get her to sleep… I never even thought it might be she’s screaming because she’s in some type of pain or strong discomfort… I feel so bad. maybe we should schedule a check up with peditrician. thank you for posting… this made me think deeper into what she must be feeling. 😔
    our silent (sometimes) little beauties are the most precious gift ever.. 👼😊

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