Our storm.

Whipping up a frenzy,
Not being very friendly,
Lost control of the senses,
Ripping down the fences
Shaking down the leaves,
Lashing out at me,
Feeling very unsettled,
Mood not very level,
Things are getting serious,
The winds are getting furious,
Twigs hit the window,
Screaming into the pillow,
A path of destruction,
Ignoring all instruction,
Sat with head in hands,
Wind picking up the sand,
Whistling in my ears,
Waking up my fears,
Kicking up a storm,
Not wanting to keep warm,
A total loss of control,
Falling down a hole,
Consumed by a meltdown,
Feeling like a letdown,
But we got through it,
It has all finished.


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