Help? Anywhere?

We are going through a rough patch with my girl at the moment.
She is being so, so very challenging and controlling.
Puberty arriving has not helped matters.
This morning I was chatting to a Mum about it; offloading after a stressful morning.
Her reply?
“Ring Social Services and tell them you aren’t coping and ask to put her into care. They won’t do it, but then you will get help!”
I was horrified and upset by this…..
…..because then it hit me that is what it takes to get help.
That is the stripped bare reality of Autism.

Of course, I haven’t reached that point.
This time of the year is always difficult for my girl.
Halloween, fireworks and then Christmas is too much.
There is just too much going on….that she cannot control.
Her anxiety is spiralling, her heightened emotions mean she is lashing out.
She is so anxious, so stimulated, so sensory overloaded.

If I had have reached that stage where I could no longer cope, would the answer really be to ring the social workers?
Is there really no where else to turn?
Such a scary thought.

Autism; a bubble, a little world of its’ own, bouncing from one place to the next.
Searching, seeking, crying out for help.


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