Fireworks; a sensory nightmare.

The crowds are gathering, the grounds are full,
There are people everywhere,
So much noise from everyone chatting,
The smell of hot dogs fills the air.

The skys all dark, the crowds go still,
The loud silence hurts my ears,
No one has said what is happening next,
I can’t speak, I’m frozen in fear.

Whoosh and bang, what was that sound?
My hands rush up to cover my ears,
Flashes and twinkles, what were those lights?
I want to go home, I don’t like it here.     

But still it continues, the noise and the light,
People keep laughing and clapping,
I jump up and down to try and keep calm,
But theres no room for spinning or flapping.

My Autism and this Fireworks display,
Are a nightmare for me you see,
I have problems understanding my senses,
Loud noises and bright lights, it’s too much for me.                      

The crowd is so big my anxiety grows,
I start to panic and want to run away,
My ear defenders aren’t enough for this,
I can’t bear this type of display.

I want to be home in my safe and warm house,
Away from fireworks, there’s too much to see,
I don’t want the bangs and the flashes,
I just want my routine……and my tea!


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