Just when I find something that works it all goes bottoms up.
We had a routine, a goal, something to work towards, and now we are unable to do it.
It is the rules, it is health and safety, blah blah blah….., yes I know, you have to follow them.
I understand that, I respect that, I will do as I am told but…
…..BUT……part of me wants to scream and shout “IT WAS BLOODY WORKING!!!”

So many rules.
In a world with Autism we can’t always follow the rules.
People with Autism see the world differently and don’t always understand the reason for rules.
I know this will be the case when I tell my girl.
I am dreading it.
We will be back at square one.

I don’t want to be exempt from the rules just because my child has Autism.
I don’t want to draw attention to ourselves for getting ‘special treatment’….
….but I do, because it was working!

It is the first thing that has consistently worked.
It breaks my heart that I have to change.
I feel angry but it is unjustified; rules are rules.

Back to the drawing board, as is often the case with Autism.

It’s not the rules.
It’s not even the persons fault.
It is just change, that it what it boils down to.
Autism and change have never been friends, and I am growing to fear it as much as my girl.


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