A visit from Fred. (A story poem for children about Autism.)

A visit from Fred.

An alien called Fred had a brilliant idea,
One night as he thought up a mission,
I’ll go down to earth and find out about,
The strange thing I’ve heard called Autism.

So Fred put his socks on, he didn’t wear shoes,
And jumped into his shiny red rocket,
He had a bag full of teddys, not alot else,
Just some food to nibble, in his pocket.

The rocket took off deep into space,
He could see Earth out of his window,
“I’m going to be king, I’ll learn so much,
I will become an Autism hero.”

The rocket set down in someones back yard,
The Earth was too bright for his eyes,
Aliens don’t get the light from the sun,
Fred was confused, he only knew dark skies.

He sat and he rocked and flapped his 3 arms,
All this change was getting too much,
He rocked and hummed ’til he felt calm again,
Stroked his nose with very light touch.

Fred opened the door, a smell filled the air,
He jumped out and looked all around,
The smell was too great, he fell on his feet,
He hummed his most calming sound.

Fred got up off the floor, his green skin was wet,
Water was falling from the sky,
“I don’t like this place, this hurts my skin”
He ran into his rocket and cried.

He picked out his teddys, lined them up in a row,
Counted to ten, twenty times,
He picked up each one, gave a lick on its nose,
Sang each one the same little rhyme.

Fred opened his door in a cloud of wet drizzle,
He got out and felt the cold ground,
He looked left, he looked right, he looked up to the sky,
Then he heard a peculiar sound.

Fred followed the noise to a triangle thing,
Hard and soft with a tiny little door,
He couldn’t see in but the noise he could hear,
Was from a shadow there laying on the floor.

The noise was like Freds, a loud humming sound,
The shadow was flapping and spinning,
Fred thought it looked fun, so tried to get in,
But the thing shouted hitting and kicking.

“Hello?” Fred said, “Hello, let me in?”
But the shadow just screamed and screamed,
Fred fell on the zip and out burst the boy,
His behaviour was beyond all extremes.

Out ran a lady with green ear defenders,
And a coat to keep off the rain,
Fred counted to 10, 20 times in his head,
And ran to his rocket again.

“I don’t want to go home, but I can’t get out,
everything is far too different down here”.
Fred rocked back and forth and stroked his long nose,
His loud humming was all you could hear.

Then to Freds great suprise, the shadow appeared,
He crawled in through Freds tiny door.
Fred hid by the window, but soon heard a bang,
He got out, and was shocked by what he saw.

A human with 2 eyes, when Fred had 3,
2 arms, 2 legs, smooth skin and hair,
The human looked up, its mouth opened wide,
Fred hid as the boy licked the chair.

The human stopped licking and started to cry,
“Please don’t hide” it managed to say,
“I don’t want to hurt you, I just want a friend,
I’m lonely and I want to play.”

Fred doesn’t know what the human means “play”
He quickly moves his teddies out of sight,
He doesn’t want human to touch them,
He probably won’t do it right.

“Are you real, I’m Tim, I have Autism” he said,
Fred got out and sat on the seat,
“I have no friends” says Tim, “can you be mine?
“Do you like trains, here have this sweet.”

“Autism,” said Fred, “That was my mission,
“To find out what it is all about,
“I’ve heard you can’t talk, that you have special gifts,
That it was caused by a jab, that all you do is be naughty and shout”.

“There’s all different kinds, the human replied,
I can talk you can hear that I’m talking,
My brain is wired different, just some things are hard,
But you have 5 legs and you are walking!”

The light almost gone, we hear a loud sound,
“Tim it’s dinner time, you have to come in”
The human had to go and Fred said goodbye,
Fred rocked, and flapped and had a spin.

He fired up his rocket, and waved Tim goodbye,
He’d found out enough for one day.
He’d learnt that Autism is a spectrum condition,
And all the symptoms show in different ways.

“No 2 are the same, us people with Autism”,
Fred had heard Tim when he had said.
“I’m glad to be different, its what makes me unique”
Just awareness needs to be spread.

He zoomed through space, took hold of the wheel,
And whizzed through the stars making patterns,
He went up, he went down, he went side to side,
And left an Autism Awareness ribbon.

A ribbon for all to see, high up in space,
The reason? So they will all ask why.
They will learn it is to show Autism Awareness,
As they look up high in the sky.

Fred lands back on his planet with a bumpety bump,
As he climbs out of the rocket, a bell chimes,
He knows that it is time to go to bed,
He flaps his arms, counts to 10, 20 times.


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