What Autism parents….

What I wish people would understand about being an autism parent.

Autism parents are still parents and need the same help and support as any other parent.
Since we got my girls diagnosis so much has changed.
People just stopped being our friends.
Much of it, I know, is because we eat, sleep, breath and talk about Autism 24 hours a day.
I bore people, people get fed up of hearing about it, but it is my life now and I need to offload.
Another reason is that people feel awkward around my child.
They don’t know how to be around her, how to talk to her, how to interact, so they just stopped coming around.
I can understand to a degree, but she is still a child needing love and attention just like anyone else.
Her smile and laughter bring joy to all those around her.

Being an Autism parent isn’t easy.
Being a parent isn’t easy.
Parenting brings many challenges whether your child is neurotypical or not.
Acceptance is what we need to address.
The willingness to accept our children and parenting style the way you would expect us to accept yours.
If you see my child exhibiting strange behaviours, shouting loudly or not acting age appropriate, don’t judge me as I watch and wait for it to pass.
Don’t stand and stare, don’t pass comment or tell me how you would ‘fix her’.
My child is in crisis and trying to cope with the overwhelming world around her.
I won’t tell her off, or smack her bum, instead I will help her calm to enable us to carry on with our day.

Autism parents are tired.
Physically and mentally drained.
Trying to make the world feel like a safe place is exhausting.
The sleepless nights, the fights with professionals, endless battles for everything.
Endless battles with yourself, beating yourself up because you don’t know how to help your child.
The being on the ball 24/7. Always watching, waiting, for something to happen.
Knowing that just 2 seconds of looking away can threaten your childs safety.
The constant need to do things for your child, even when your eyes are heavy and your limbs are screaming at you to stop.

Autism parents have no time….
….to themselves.
Every waking moment is spent caring for their child or chasing up something for their child.
Hours of google research for ideas to make our childs life easier.
Hours of google research into how we can help our children to be accepted into a world that doesn’t understand.

Autism parents don’t want a cure.
We don’t need one.
Our children would not be who they are if it wasn’t for Autism.
What we are striving for is acceptance.
We need our children to accepted for who they are and not judged on their differences.
We need to promote Autism Awareness to enable Autism Acceptance and give our children the chance to fit in and be allowed to be themselves.

Autism parents don’t want your undivided attention.
We just want you to treat us like everybody else and help us to erradicate the negative stigma that surrounds Autism and welcome our children into your world.


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