Our little dog.

Our little puppy has changed our lives.
I had heard stories about how dogs can help children with Autism.
I was tempted but never brave enough to have one.
My girl has that type of Autism that no one likes to talk about.
The violent type.
I didn’t want to get a puppy and then scare it away…..or worse, it get hurt.

As my girl grew, so did her anxiety.
Again stories about how dogs could help were everywhere.
We were thinking about a rescue dog, but opted for a puppy in the end.
My girl is so unpredictable that I think we needed a dog to grow up in this environment.

After much deliberation we decided to give it a go.
Such a huge decision to make for any family, but for an Autism family it is possibly the most risky!
So many ifs and buts, so many things to go wrong.

I spent many hours reading about every dog breed I could ever imagine.
From their temperment to toilet training, from sleep to slobbering.
There are so many breeds out their, so many beautiful dogs needing homes.

Our little Boston Terrier is amazing.
She has made such a positive impact on all of our lives….and the Autism!
She has opened doors to emotions I have never seen before, my girl shows empathy like I never thought possible.
Love oozes out of every pore for that little puppy.
That little puppy has saved us from many a meltdown!

A year ago my girl would not have been able to attend a busy public event.
Yesterday, not only did she attend an extremely busy local dog show, but she got up in front of people!
She showed them tricks, she did an impression of Domino and ran her in a race.
She was handed 2 rosettes and I witnessed a joy on her face that melted my heart.
The pride was pouring from her.
That little dog has opened up a side of my girl we have never seen.

The pride and joy I felt watching her was undescribable.
Words cannot explain the smile on her face.
It was real. A real smile.
A smile filled with pride and joy.


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