Our favourite place.

Love is a place, a place that I know,
A place we belong, not just where we go,
A place we feel wanted, a place we fit in,
A place we feel happy, where friendships begin.
A place that can turn sad faces to smiles,
A place where every second is worthwhile,
A place where the children can play with their friends,
A place where the laughs and fun never end,
A place where our children are always accepted,
A place where our childrens views are respected,
A place where behaviour is never judged,
A place where our childrens uniqueness is loved,
A place for the children to mix and do crafts,
A place for the carers to relax and laugh,
A place that has hugs and a hot cup of tea,
A place where we go to chat and feel free,
A place that understands just how you feel,
A place that knows the struggles are real,
A place that we count down the sleeps to each session,
A place we recommend to our friends without question,
A place that we love and I just want to say,
Happy Birthday ‘The Group’ who is 4 today!


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