Feeling alone.

Where did everyone go?
What did I do wrong?
I seem to have lost most of my friends
Since I became a special needs mum.

Did you get fed up of listening?
Was it just too hard to see?
What about how I am feeling?
What about me?

My life has changed dramatically,
I don’t have much spare time,
My nights consist of cups of tea,
And going to bed at nine.

I am not sat here pointing my finger,
Not saying that you are to blame,
But I am sat here feeling lonely.
Losing friends is such a shame.

Life gets busy, friends move on,
I know that’s how it goes,
But I feel like I have been left behind,
It’s not what I would have chose.

I know I’m a grumpy person,
I know I never have time,
I know I never visit you,
But you never come to mine.

I still have feelings, I still need friends,
I know I shut myself away,
But life is very stressful,
Minutes turn into days.

Time goes fast, it’s all my fault,
I know that’s what you think,
This Autism boat is rocky,
I’m clinging on so I don’t sink.

Where did everyone go?
What did I do wrong?
I am still the same deep down inside,
Only difference is I’m a special needs mum.


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