Autism is not an illness.

Autism is not an illness, it is a condition,
Its’ not the name of my daughter,
It is a list of symptoms from a book,
Not something that defines her.

She is just a child growing up,
In a world that doesn’t understand,
That there is no cure, its’ not made up,
Ignorance goes hand in hand.

She has got a battle on her hands,
As she grows up in this scary place,
With a condition that affects her daily,
To raise awareness is my place.

To ask people to research the condition,
To show Autism is more than a statistic,
I want to tell the world my girl has a name,
She is so much more than Autistic.

She is my precious, beautiful, funny girl,
Who happens to have a condition.
But that’s not who she is, it makes her unique,
Lets raise awareness about Autism.


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