The reality….

What is the reality of life with Autism?

What would I say if someone asked me that?

The reality is hard to talk about.
Hard because truth hurts.
The truth is that it is hard.

Hard to look after your own child?
Harder to admit that it is difficult.

The sleepless nights, the meltdowns, the violence, the anger, the fustration, the loneliness, the isolation.
…..the smiles, that look of love in their eyes, that ‘hug’, that new milestone reached.

It isn’t all hard… it?

Is it hard that your child is seen as different?
Is that harder to deal with than the behaviours?

The hardest part is the not knowing.
Not knowing how their mind works.
Not understanding.
Not being able to make anyone else understand.

The reality is that Autism is hard because we can never truly experience what it is like.
We can never be a part of something, but not be in it.
Part of the big wide world, but in your own little world.

The reality is that Autism is made harder by the lack of acceptance and understanding.

The reality is that Autism is hard for me to cope with, but much harder for my child to deal with.
To come to terms with being different.
To cope in a over stimulating, sensory world.

The reality is that unless you live with Autism, you will never truely understand it.
You see snapshots of children and their behaviours.
You see carers holding it together and managing an overwhelmed child.
What you don’t see is the reality.
The reality of that Autism is there 24/7.


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