Our puppy, a year on.

A year ago today our lives changed.
A year ago today our little puppy came home.

I knew things would be different with a dog around the house.
I knew life would be more busy.
I knew training a puppy whilst watching my girl 24 hours a day may well have been impossible…
….but we still decided that the positives, by far, weighed out the negatives.
Turned out, we were right.

Getting a dog is such a huge decision to make for any family, but for an Autism family it is possibly the most risky!
So many ifs and buts, so many things that could go wrong.

I spent many hours reading about every dog breed I could ever imagine.
From their temperment to toilet training, from sleep to slobbering.
There are so many breeds out there, so many beautiful dogs needing homes.
A Boston Terrier ticked every box on our list.

Domino, our little Boston Terrier is amazing.
She has made such a positive impact on all of our lives….and the Autism!
She has opened doors to emotions I have never seen before, my girl shows empathy like I never thought possible.
Love oozes out of every pore for that little puppy.
That little puppy has saved us from many a meltdown!
She has such a calming effect on my girl, and seems to know just the right moment to jump in my girls lap giving her the compression, calmness and tactile experiences, she craves.
In times of high anxiety Domino has, many a time, been our saviour and desculated a meltdown before it has happened.

There have been some big changes in my girl since having Domino.
There has become a flexibility in daily routines.
My girl has allowed leeway to enable us to have time to meet the puppy’s greatest needs.
We have also been able to access new places in order to go for walk.
It is almost as if the puppy is able to persuade my girl to try something new.

Watching their friendship grow has been amazing.
I have seen emotions and empathy that I had not seen before.
I have seen so many smiles and hugs from my girl to the little puppy that waggles her little bum with excitement whenever my girl walks into the room.

Our little Boston Terrier has completed our family.

Happy ‘gotcha’ day to my girls’ best friend.


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