You’d think I would feel happy and relaxed.
My girl is enjoying school and going in with no problem.
She is coming home happier and meltdowns are less intense.
I should feel energised, refreshed…..
….but I just feel…..urgh.

11 years of stress, sleepless nights and being on alert 24/7 has left me drained.
8 years of fighting school refusal has worn me out.
All of a sudden I can relax knowing my girl has gone to school and is somewhere she is happy and safe.
All of a sudden exhaustion has crept up and left me feeling wiped out.

I am over the moon that all is going well.
I should be hyped up and shouting from the rooftops.
I should be enjoying all the extra time I have and catching up on all the jobs I have neglected over summer.
But truthfully, all I want to do is sleep….
….more things to feel guilty about.


3 thoughts on “Urgh….

  1. You need to not feel guilty to take a bit of time for you!! Us mummies can only be at our best for our kids when we have had a bit of time for ourselves. The housework will still be there tomorrow, today’s time will not xx đź’–


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