Best Christmas.

We made it through Christmas!
Actually, Christmas Day was the best we have had in a very long time.
I made some subtle changes this year but they made a very big difference!

Christmas decorations were kept to a minimum.
Presents were only things she had asked for.
(Ssshh but there were alot less presents!)
All the presents were wrapped the same.
Everything was opened as when she wanted too……ie, instantly!
It did get too overwhelming at one point and my girl left opening her presents to escape to the quiet, undecorated kitchen. There she stayed with no disturbance until she was ready to carry on.
She got what she had asked for, that I had told her so many times that she wouldn’t get!
She was amazing and the whole day so lovely and relaxed.
The excitement and smiles made the horrendous December worth it!

We are all absolutely exhausted.
Sleep is not something my girl appears to need in December!
Other than Christmas Day, my girl has struggled.
The need to be in control worse than ever as we are stuck in the after Christmas, back to school limbo land.
Please don’t mention New Year, the concept alone causes instant meltdown!

Hope everyone else had a good Christmas?

Just listen to this pure happiness, it made my Christmas.


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