The storm. Meltdown.

When I am angry, I like to shout,
It’s just the way my feelings come out.
I say some things that are quite mean,
I am brewing a storm; lets set the scene…

My mood is foul, the skies turn black,
The clouds are forming, there’s no way back,
I bang and crash, my thunder’s loud,
My pent up energy all in one cloud.

My stress, my thunder, it rumbles on,
There’s no blue sky where I have gone,
I have rumbled all day, no one has heard,
Then home, and strike, my boundaries blurred.

My lightning hits, the words they sting,
I have lost control, it is frightening,
I rumble and strike, my storm rages for hours,
It eats me up, I can’t tame it’s power.

It’s force was strong, energy unleashed,
It starts to tire; It’s had it’s feast,
The storm retracts, sun rises like dawn,
Then as quick as a flash, the meltdown has gone.


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