I wish.

I wish I could tell her….
That her birthday is nothing to fear,
That in the morning it will be here,
And the worry she feels will fade away.

I wish I could tell her….
As I hear her shout, tears leaking out,
That anxiety is not what birthdays are about,
And the day’s no different to all the rest.

I wish I didn’t tell her….
That there will be presents and cake,
That’s what’s keeping her awake,
And stopping her closing her eyes.

I wish I could hold her….
And tell her everything will be ok,
Tomorrow is just another day,
Just extra special, like you.

I wish I didn’t have….
The look of fear in my eyes,
Remembering the present we’ve wrapped as a suprise,
Knowing it may just be one too many.

I wish I could tell her….
Now she is almost 12, a beautiful young woman,
That the feelings she has, get lost in Autism,
And tomorrow will be the best yet.

She wishes she could tell me….
That she doesn’t have to go to school,
And that she can break all the rules,
Because tomorrow is her special day.

I wish I could ask Autism….
To give my girl just one calm day,
Anxiety, please, please, stay away,
For meltdowns to not rear their head.

I know I will give her….
A promise that I will always be there,
My commitment in making people aware,
That Autism is not my girl.


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