Something you need in abundance being a carer for a child with Autism.
Not just physical strength but emotional strength.
Strength to change.
To change yourself.

To stop accepting what is.

To stop doing things you do, because your child cannot cope with change.
Strength to change things.
To adapt your life, to move out of your comfort zone.
To change your routine.
To change your life.

Strength to make a new routine.
A routine you are happy with and your child works well with.
Strength to remember that routine not allowing for change is a meltdown waiting to happen.

We need strength.
Change is hard for a child with Autism,
Change is hard for a carer of Autism….
….because we know what distress it may cause.

We need to introduce subtle changes as to not throw the child into chaos.
This is difficult,
We need routine as much as the child.
To cope.

To cope we need strength.
Things change.
Change can be good.
Change can be bad.

To implement change you need courage.
You need consistency.
You need the power to see it through….
… need strength.

We all need….crave….routine,
It is human nature.
Change is hard.
Necessary, but hard.
The hardest thing infact is to change.
To accept that change is not always bad.

You have to give a little to allow a little.
To not get stuck in a rut.
To not get comfortable never changing as our child finds it hard to adapt.

Not just to help your child adapt to the world,
But to be strong enough to change yourself too.

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