If you had asked me, 10 years ago, to explain Autism to you, I wouldn’t have had a clue.
I haven’t always known about Autism.
I wasn’t born knowing about Autism.
I have been taught.
By my child.

When we thought my girl may have Autism I read all the books I could find.
I googled Autism in every sentance I could think of.
I watched countless Youtube videos of children with Autism.
Because when you think your child may be on the spectrum you gain an appetite for knowledge.
You want to spend every waking hour researching, learning, understanding.

You see your child unravelling before your eyes.
You begin to realise why they behave like they do.
You begin to crave reasons to explain their differences.
You get lightbulb moments as it all finally clicks together.
Your child has Autism.

This is why raising Autism Awareness is so vital.
Many of the people out there who know about Autism, only know because they have been affected by it in someway.
Maybe a family member, a friend or a neighbour has got a diagnosis.

Autism is being more widely recognised, hence the prevelance rates increasing.
More children are diagnosed now than ever before because the symptoms of Autism are becoming more recognisable.
People are now seeing Autism, but not as many are understanding it.

It is so important to raise Awareness.
To is vital that Autism is accepted.

Having Autism isn’t a bad thing.
It just means you see and feel things from a different perspective.
To see the world differently.
It doesn’t need negative press, it needs explaining.

Just the basics.
The very basics.
For just people to recognise that Autism is a condition will be a breakthrough to the path leading to acceptance.

Look from a different perspective,
Because different is beautiful too.

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