All is calm.

As these calmer days go on, I find myself questioning what we are doing differently.
What are we doing right?
Things are settled.
Things are normal for us.
Not everyones normal, but no violence, no screaming, no uncontrollable rage, no meltdowns.
Things are good.
Homelife is good.

Our house has been full of illness for the past 2 weeks.
A virus has passed from one to another like germs in a relay race.
Coughs, colds, mouth ulcers, sore throats and exhaustion have taken centre stage.
Routines have been slackened, not changed, just relaxed.
No one has had any energy.
Could this be the reason?

My girl is enjoying school, infact she even decided to go when she was ill.
Decided? Insisted in fact.
She is absolutely thriving there.
She gets the ‘e’ word about school and cannot wait to get there! (E=excitement, she won’t use emotion words!)
She has good friends who all share her love of Pokémon.
Could this be the reason?

The weather is cold, my girl hates the warm.
She is enjoying immersing herself in a new game, Subnautica.
She is loving Lets go Pikachu on her Nintendo Switch.
My girl is having Pasta everyday in her lunch box.
Her bedroom is messier than it has ever been. (She LOVES mess).
We are changing her respite provider.
She has a new wheelchair.
…………..could any of these be the reasons?

As I sit her listing reasons I remember that I shouldn’t be wasting my time analysing everything.
Instead I should be taking this time to enjoy my girl.
My calm, happy girl…….whatever the reason.

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