The birthday boy.

It can’t be easy being the sibling of a child with Autism.
My boy goes through so much more than anyone could ever imagine.
But somehow he manages to still be the rock for my girl, he is her support, her role model.

My girl makes my boy’s life difficult, there is no sugar coating it.
Not all the time. They can be loving, caring and playing nicely together, then it can be pandemonium……much the same as any other siblings.

My time is not divided equally between my children, with my girl’s needs requiring more of me.
Amazingly, my boy understands, never complaining.
We squeeze hugs in between situations as much as we can.
He knows that my love is not measured in time.

My children have very different likes.
My girls obsessions over ruling any theme of toys my boy likes.
He doesn’t mind. He actively makes an effort to learn and join in.
He is, in essence, the peace keeper.

His patience has no bounds.
His reassurance to me or his sister in times of high stress or need, is immeasurable.
My boys hugs and words of ‘it’s Ok’, make everything seem better.
His understanding, and explanations, of my girls behaviours, make me stop and think.
My boys empathy is awe inspiring. He feels what my girl feels, he just knows.

My boy is no average brother, or son.
He is one in a million.

Yesterday was his 10th Birthday.
It was difficult for my girl, from start to finish.
The day had many a meltdown, frustrations boiling over the rim.
Too much was different, the attention not on her.
My heart hurt watching as he stood watching my girl lost control.
He just stood and waited.
And waited.
For it to pass.

We know there is much worse to come.
The extreme control my girl displays meant she had forbidden us to get him a certain gift.
For a while I decided against buying it so we could keep the peace….
….and then I looked into my boys tired eyes and remembered that he is entitled to the gift he wanted.
My girl cannot be the boss.
We gave it to him after she left for school, and so far it has been hidden whilst she is home.
It can’t stay that way, she will find out soon enough…
….and to say I am worried about the consequences is an understatement.
My girl cannot always be in, and have, control.
We are trying to claw it back a little at a time.

My boy understands, his sense of humour gets him through the tough times.
The occasional roll of his eyes making me smile when I feel like crying.
Our long, squishy, hugs rejuvenate our frazzled minds.

He never complains.
He never asks for things to change.

My boy does not like Autism, but he loves his sister, and that is all he needs.

My boy; the most amazing, handsome, tolerant, patient, wise young man that I have ever had the privilege to know. ❤

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