I have lost all track of time.
I waste so much of it.

Everyday is spent waiting for it to be time to do something.
I don’t have time to to spare, but lose so much of it.
Waste it; on things that don’t even need my time.

I should have time to do things that matter.
I should use time on things, that one day, I may be unable to do.
I should have time to think about this, instead of using time to do other things.

It is a funny concept, time.
We are given time as a privilege but we abuse so many precious seconds.
I watch my girl spinning, flapping, playing Pokémon, drawing, with her non stop changing of direction and I ask her to choose something to focus on. One thing.
But why?
She is using her time to cram all of her favourite things into every spare bit she has.
She is using her time wisely, she realises just how much we need to appreciate it.

When is the last time you just stopped?
Stopped to look around?
Stopped to watch your child sleep, to listen to their sleepy breaths?
Stopped to think about life?

I wake up in the morning and look forward to going back to bed.
We get up on Mondays and countdown until Friday.
Our time is spent wishing away the time we have, with time we will never get back.

Time is precious.
Yesterday is a day we will never see again.
Tomorrows are our only source of time we still have waiting for us.
Make time your time.

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