Our Autism Family.

If you want to be friends come on over,
Accept us, please, just how we are,
I know that our family is different,
And the behaviours may look quite bizarre,
Normal is not something we do here,
We accept the differences we own,
And instead of trying to hide them,
They’re free to roam in our home.

We want friends to come for a visit,
And not be scared of what they see,
Because although the behaviours are different,
We’re the same people we’ve always been,
Autism is not something to be afraid of,
I don’t want advice or your sympathy,
I just want acceptance of who we really are;
A friendly chat, and a hot cup of tea.

To all those friends that have left us,
(The word Autisms’ scared them away,)
To the people who don’t believe in it,
or have no idea what to say,
Come over and see my child at home,
I know it can be scary and loud,
I may be boring and talk about Autism alot,
But Autisms not something to fear, I’m proud,
Proud of my child, proud of my home, proud of who we’ve become,
Because the best thing Autism has done to us, is unite our family as one.

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