Do you remember that girl?

So the good news?
Well, actually, amazing news!

Do you remember a girl who would refuse to go to school?
Do you remember the girls Mum in utter despair at being reprimanded for her daughters late entry to school everyday?
Do you remember a girl who used to have meltdowns daily, before and after school?
Do you remember a girl who used to bite, kick and hit me for taking her somewhere she hated so much?
Do you remember a girl whose anxieties were so high that her days were lost in a sea of anger?
Do you remember that girl who hated school so much that she would self harm so she didn’t have to go?
Do you remember the girl who would barricade herself into the smallest space she could find so she didn’t have to leave her safe place, home?
Do you remember the girl whose anxiety was so horrendously high about the SATs, that we kept her home instead of putting her through them?

Do you remember her?
You wouldn’t recognise her now!

That girl is now ready, and waiting, for her taxi to take her to school every single morning.
That girl has never kept the taxi waiting more than 2 minutes.
That girl rarely has school related meltdowns.
That girls violence has decreased to a manageable level during term times.
That girl talks about school, and is excited to go in every single day.
That girl is sitting tests, because she wants to and enjoys the challenge

That girl, a year 7 girl, has shown such a vast improvement that the school have requested she sit her GCSE Maths later this year!!…
….and what makes it even more special is that, that girl WANTS to do it!!

So proud of her. So so proud.

All this is because we fought and fought to take her out of mainstream school and educate her in a more specialised environment, and won.
If this isn’t proof of just how much the right placement can benefit a child, I don’t know what is.

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