Expectations of parenting.

Am I the parent I thought I would be?
I think about this alot.
I thought I would be so different….
…..but I’m not.

I think we all do it.
We all think, for example, we won’t give our children sweets, they won’t be allowed screen time, they will in bed by 7pm every night; all those rules you decide on.
And then…..
…you have a baby and everything changes.

My parents were very different parents to what I am.
Their parents were probably very different to what they were.
That’s just the way it goes.
Very few people parent the way society expects behind closed doors.

My children have sweets, screen time and generally bedtime is about 8pm.
Sometimes they eat too many sweets, are on a screen all day and are awake until 10pm.
Both scenarios work for me because our family is just that; OURS.

I saw a post today describing how to parent a child with Autism.
Now, as much as I would like an instruction manual, I found it very unsettling.
I don’t parent my child the same way in 2 given days, so to think there is a right way is unnerving.

My girl does not conform to the norms of society.
My child is Autistic and does not have the understanding of a child typical of her age.
Consequences and punishments are something I could only dream of working.
Her rigidity to routines, but her fear of demands, make our house a very unpredictable place to be.

Consistency, patience, rewards, funtime, these are all things we naturally do.
We provide what our children need.
We adapt our parenting to the requirement of our childrens needs.
We become what our children need us to be.

Parenting is the most rewarding, but most difficult, challenge I have ever faced.
I may not be the parent I always dreamed I would be, but I am the parent my children need me to be.

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