What a weekend. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry…

Today has been rough, today has been hard,
My girls’ behaviour has caught me off guard,
A long weekend; what she needed I thought,
But today has been manic, emotions were fraught.

I forgot to remember how she would feel,
When the routine was changed, it is a big deal,
For her, for us….I let us all down,
I needed the break, needed my children around.

I was the one stressed with the school routine,
With the school runs, appointments, things inbetween,
I wanted the break, I needed to rest,
To chill out at home, not have to get dressed.

I am sorry my girl, that today’s been so bad,
That the change in routine made you so sad,
For the meltdowns it caused, for your anxiety,
I am so sorry, I was only thinking of me.

Now the days over, you are drifting off to sleep,
I am cross with myself, I sit here and weep,
Today was so hard, but what I failed to see,
Was that it was much harder for you, than it was for me.

We ended the day with a look and a smile,
That smile that makes the hard days worthwhile,
I whispered I love you, kissed you goodnight,
I wish I could hug you and squeeze you so tight.

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