What happens then?

I am reaching the end of my tether.
Fed up of fighting and chasing.
Angry that I have to watch my child suffer because of a system which isn’t working.
Annoyed that I have to keep complaining.

…..I can do, and feel, all those things.

Today it hit me.
When my girl is over 18, and classed as an adult, she will have to do all this herself.
She can’t do all those things.
There are just so many steps and instructions to follow that it would become impossible.
She wouldn’t be able to understand all the emotions it would provoke.
She would struggle to process all the information correctly.

It is so scary.
I am her carer, her advocate, her voice.
I will be as long as I am here….
….but one day I won’t be.

What happens then?

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