Fathers Day.

A thank you note to ‘Our Autism’ Dad.

Thank you for always being there for us,
Always. Without question.
Thank you for working on very little sleep,
Despite your apparent exhaustion,
Thank you for being there in the early hours,
When all you need is sleep,
Thank you for answering your phone every 5 minutes,
When I just need to hear another adult speak.
Thank you for always coming home,
When sometimes you need to get away,
Thank you for being an amazing Dad,
Not just today, but everyday.

Thank you for knowing that look on her face,
As soon as you get in,
Thank you for the hug you give me,
When you see my patience is wearing thin,
Thank you for never complaining,
When the house is always a mess,
Thank you for eating cereal for tea,
When I haven’t even managed to get dressed.

I know how you want to fall to the floor,
When our child has a meltdown in a public,
I know you want to scoop her up,
Away from the onlookers who watch it,
I know your heart breaks when you see her violence,
When she aims it all my way,
I know sometimes your patience wears so thin,
You just want to run away.
I know how much you love her,
Even when things are hard to bear,
But I just want to thank you,
For being a Dad that cares.

Thank you for taking so much time off work,
When our girl needs you at home.
Thank you for always holding my hand,
When I sit with you and moan,
Thank you for understanding,
When I haven’t had time for you,
Thank you for being Our Autism Dad,
And for every single thing you do.

Thank you for always having smiles,
When all we feel is sad,
Thank you for your distraction techniques,
When I’ve tried everything I have,
Thank you for all your love,
When our girl has had a bad day,
Thank you for being the best Dad,
Not just today, but everyday ❤

For being a fantastic Autism Daddy….
…the best Daddy.

For everything.
We love you.
We thank you. X

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