But she can talk?

My girl has Autism.
My girl can talk. She is verbal.
Many on the more severe end of the spectrum are non verbal.
Some would say I am lucky that she has speech…..

As ungrateful as that sounds, it boils down to peoples conceptions about Autism.
Many still believe that people with Autism cannot speak, and therefore assume those can are high functioning, or wrongly diagnosed.

What people don’t understand about Autism is that symptoms vary enormously.
Each individual symptom ranges from mild to severe, and every individual can have symptoms which vary in severity.

My girl can talk.
She can form words and put them in sentances.
She can use those sentances to communicate and converse.
They are not always her own words, she often copies things she has heard (echolalia).
She can hold a conversation with you, on her terms…
…she can talk.

My girl does not always understand.
She can often get lost or distracted in a conversation.
Her processing time is slow and therefore she loses track.
She struggles to read body language, tone of voice and facial expressions and may appear awkward.
She finds it difficult to understand, and relate, to other people.
My girl is very literal and thinks people always mean what they say.
She often says exactly what she is thinking!
My girl will talk at length about Pokémon, but is reluctant to let anyone talk to her.
….but she can talk.

I am very lucky that my girl can talk.
She is able to communicate her basic needs to me through her speech.
…she cannot tell me how she feels.
She cannot tell me if she is in pain.
She cannot talk to me about anything regarding emotions.
I see when she is angry, but she can’t tell my why.
I see when she is anxious, but she can’t tell me why.
I see it through meltdowns, through her total loss of control.
She is unable to use her words to explain…
…but she can talk.

People greatly over estimate people with Autism who can talk.
People forget that talking does not always mean understanding.
Communication is not just words.

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