This is me…overprotective Mum.

Overprotective Mum.

When you look at me, what do you see?
An overprotective Mum, probably,
In fact I know that you do, I’ve heard it said,
But think of me like this instead;

My child has problems that you cannot see,
Conditions called hidden disabilities,
I may always have to be at her side,
She cannot be read, I am her guide.

My child cannot just go out and play,
She cannot go over to her friends and stay,
It’s not just me being selfish and mean,
I am caring for her needs that cannot be seen.

I may always look over my childs shoulder,
I may still need to hold her hand when she’s older,
I do what I do because I think its best,
But I’m not sure if it’s right, I must confess.

But as she gets older, it’s easier to see,
That her independance may always include me,
It’s not me wanting to be in control,
It’s me helping my child to reach her goals.

She may always struggle in a world that can’t see,
Or want to understand hidden disabilities,
But I will always be there, right by her side,
I’ll wear the ‘overprotective mum’ badge with pride.

2 thoughts on “This is me…overprotective Mum.

  1. As parents, we are never sure if what we do is right. I know it has got to be more challenging when you child has disabilities. You know your child. You know what she needs.


  2. Some people may see it as being overprotective, but I see it as providing the support that your child needs to negotiate the world, to smooth her path and help her gain independence. Besides, no matter how old we are, we always need our mum.


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