Autism babysitter.

Looking for a babysitter for my child with Autism!

Must have some understanding of Autism.
Must be able to remain calm and confident.
Must be extremely patient.
Must be hands on.
Must allow for unpredictibility.
Must not be tired as cannot guarantee the child will sleep.
Must be able to cope with meltdowns.
Must expect self injurious behaviours.
Must expect violence, aggression and high possibility of physical injury.
Must accept extremely controlling behaviour, you will not be able to watch what you want on tv!
Must not bring a friend unless child has been warned at least 3 days before.
Must allow frequent use of swear words and obsenities.
Must allow use of mobile phone and all game consoles at any time.
Must ensure the child has access to food and drink.
Should not wear nice clothes or jewellery due to flying bodily fluids, and potential grabbing issues.
Must wear clothes with pockets to keep house and window keys away from a potential escapee child.
Must wear long sleeves as child is a biter.
Must be able to deliver appropriate activities to engage child.
Must know the name of every Pokémon.
Must allow for unpredictable mood swings, hysteria and bouts of growling.

Anyone?! 😳


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