Autism cannot lie!

My girl cannot tell a lie.
Many autistic individuals are the same.
They say it how it is.
A good thing you might think?
…..try playing hide and seek with them!!

My girl has been known to try and lie but she cannot again lie in her response.
For example;
“Did you eat the biscuit?”
“Do you know where the biscuit went?”
“I ate it.”

Lying is a difficult skill to master
It is a complicated process to tell a lie.
To remember the story… make up a story as you go along.
Lying is a cognitive milestone that requires alot of concentration and understanding.
The aim of a lie is to make the other person believe that what you are saying is true.

Many people with Autism have difficulty understanding that other people can have thoughts and feelings of their own.
This is called Theory of Mind, or Mindblindness.
Simply put, they can’t put themselves in someone elses shoes.
They can’t empathsise because they don’t realise that other people can have feelings different to that of their own.
They think that everyone is thinking and feeling how they are thinking and feeling.
So telling a lie becomes almost impossible because they only possess the skill to tell a story from their own point of view.

Although not a good thing, dishonesty is part of typical brain development.
It is part of human nature.
Not being able to lie shows atypical neurological development.

Social situations become difficult.
People with Autism have difficulties realising that people are lying to them.
They become vulnerable.
Equally so, the person with Autism may tell you that your hair looks bad, or your dress is horrible!
Friendships can be hard to maintain!

Honesty is a very important feature in any person.
It becomes apparent, the more research I do, why my girl finds it difficult to be tactful!

So, when she says a swear word (which she does ALOT but does know is wrong!) and we hear and we say,
“Excuse me, what did you just say?”
We must remember that she will repeat it word for word with no remorse…at all! 😂

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